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Have you ever had the craving to be attached to your campus radio station WHEREVER YOU ARE?  Well we’re still working on that one.  But you can still declare your WWPV fandom in all kinds of ways on the Internet.

First, our website at is as rad as ever.  Here you’ll find our schedule of shows, playlists from previous shows, and our live streaming Webcast so you can listen online from anywhere in the world.  Now we’ve added a Downloads section, where you’ll be able to download podcasts, music recorded in our studio, and whatever else we think to put up there.  It’s a work in progress.

You can also become a fan of ours on Facebook at Facebook fans will get access to exclusive contests and giveaways, so trust us, it’s a good idea.  You can also connect with other PV listeners and tell us what you’ve got to say.

If you’d prefer your WWPV updates in 140 characters or less, then you can follow the station’s Twitter.  All things PV, text-message style.  And, we promise to be less annoying than the guy who’s always Tweeting about the weather and what he’s having for dinner.  We hate that guy too.

So follow us everywhere you can for maximum access to new music and free stuff from your friends here at WWPV.  And if you’re old fashioned, you can still tune in 88.7 FM on your tube radio to hear us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


One Response to “Follow us!”

  1. Jim Says:

    Well, as an alumni D.J. of WWPV, the station certainly has changed. But I hope it hasn’t lost its sense of adventure.

    I worked the mike back in the late 70s to around 1980, and had an absolute blast. Back then, we had two turntables, a couple of ‘cart’ decks for PSAs, a studio for making PSAs and occasionally recording local bands. (We also had a fridge in the back room, but I won’t go into what it was used for).

    The station started out at 10 watts mono, then increased to 100 watts stereo. The playlist was lots of rock, some alternative, occasionally jazz, and a few ‘off-the-wall’ D.J.s. Despite the low power, it had a huge following of high school and college students, and the phones rang off the hook for requests, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

    We had an A.P. teletype where I would rip off pieces of news and deliver them on the hour, occasionally with a bit of commentary. Then slide right back into some Zeppelin, Who, AC/DC, the Clash…

    It was a fun place to ‘work’, if you want to call it work. I hope y’all are having just as much fun, thirty years later!

    Austin, TX

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